Vina Bonae Sunt Route

A route for lovers of history and culture

Join us in this experience dedicated to enoculture. We will visit the old Roman Villa of Fuente Álamo, we will know the secrets of making the most awarded wines from Bodegas El Pujío and we will taste the most typical dishes of the gastronomy of the place.

vina bonae sunt route
Dionysus Route

We present our most demanded route, the Vina Bonae Sunt route. A visit to the ancient Roman Villa and a tour and wine tasting at Bodegas Delgado make the perfect combination for this route dedicated to wine tourism.

The Roman Villa of Fuente Álamo is an archaeological site corresponding to the last five centuries of the domination of the Roman Empire in the south of the Iberian Peninsula. Later, in the background and during the Caliphate period, a beam oil mill was built over part of the Roman villa, specifically in the 10th century AD. dividing the archaeological site into three different periods, with buildings of different uses; the Roman baths in the first, the Roman villa in the second and the Islamic oil mill in the third. These archaeological remains that constitute Fuente Álamo have a first-rate importance, referring to the Roman era and its artistic value. They date back to the 1st century AD, specifically to the time of Julio Claudio. Álamo Fountain also has some mosaics that are part of the European artistic heritage, and that have ancient connections with works from the same period and from other countries.

Once we have made clear what Fuente Álamo is, the question that serves as the common thread of this route is: our enoculture begins in Fuente Álamo, but… how far does it go? And it is here when we invite you to set your sights on Bodegas El Pujío.

The land of Puente Genil has been dedicated to the cultivation of vineyards for centuries. The typology of the soil and the climate make the environment a favorable place for growing grapes and making wine. The wines of the Bodega El Pujío, come mainly from two vineyards, located in the Cordoba towns of Puente Genil and Aguilar de la Frontera: La Pimienta and El Pujío.

Bodega El Pujío was born from the passion of its founder, Agustín Reina Galán, for the world of wine. This led him to undertake this project to which his daughter, Rocío Reina Medina, a winemaker and passionate about her work, has joined. The human team, made up of family members and a team of highly qualified technicians, and the quality of its wines, have made Bodegas El Pujío win prizes such as the “Great Gold” in Vinoro or the “Great Gold” at Monovino 2016.

On this route, we propose a tour of the plantation and the facilities of the winery, where they will explain the entire process of making and aging the wine.

Then we offer a tasting of 3 wines with paired tapas.

To end the route, we suggest you enjoy the typical gastronomy of the area at the Maruja Limón restaurant, located on the banks of the Genil River.

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